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If you want a product to look good, make sure you get the packaging service right. It doesn’t always have to be colorful and eye-catching but it should always have quality. Packaging design Companies is now seeing a lot of new trends and in this article, we will discuss some of it. This article is about which will be the best packaging services company in Bangladesh. There have lots of packaging company in Bangladesh but we will why IrisoGraph is the best.


Why IrisoGraph Best Packaging in Bangladesh:


IrisoGraph is the best packaging company in Bangladesh for our modern technology, eye catchy looking packaging design as well as quality packaging service. If you want your promotional products to catch people’s eye, you need a custom packaging design and color scheme. For this reason, you should choose the best packaging company in Bangladesh which is reputed and high experience. Since we have more than 12 years experience as well as reputed BD packaging company, so you can take our service without any hesitation. Also, you will be benefited:

packaging service in bangladesh

Unique Identity:

With hundreds of products hitting the market, every day, there is a constant quest to make your product look different from the other products. By updating the paper packing and paperboard packaging of the product one can easily establish a unique identity of the product in the market.

Bond Building:

Stationery manufacturers can play an essential role in establishing a bond between the users and the manufacturers. How a product appears in the market when viewed by the prospective customers can make or mar the identity of a product. Moreover, their positive or negative experience with the product can directly affect the list of the customers keen on buying the product.


How well the design of the packaging communicates the information about the product is also important. If the design of the packaging makes it difficult to locate or read the essential information about the product then it may mislead many consumers. The packaging design should have information in-scripted on it in such a way that it is easily accessible, readable and doesn’t create any confusion in the mind of a consumer.


The main purpose of packaging is to protect the product from wear and tear. If the condition of a product is not up to the mark, then it might cast aspersion on the reputation of the brand when bought by the consumers. Any defect in the packaging will scale down the consumers’ confidence in the product. Thus, both aesthetic and physical aspects of the packaging should be given the much-needed attention.


Packaging has a direct impact on the selling proportion of the product. In the case of the consumer channel marketing, packaging of the product is the only way to persuade users to buy it. The same is applicable to commercial packaging except that it is more subtle because here one is dealing with the next purchase. Thus paper packaging and paperboard packaging offers substantial opportunities to directly influence the consumer perception about the brand. It also helps in creating and maintaining an individual identity of products

Affordable Price:

When ordered in bulk, you will get the packaging service with lower rates rather than others.


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