Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels:

Packaging Labels design is most important for a product. First impressions, especially in business, are extremely important today. You only have that one opportunity to make your brand a memorable one in your potential customers’ minds, only one. What better way to do so than by using packaging specific custom labels to act as your immediate ambassador on behalf of your business. The impression those packaging labels make will stay in their minds and quickly become synonymous with your company’s brand.

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Color packaging labels:

The color of any packaging labels that you design on behalf of your company will be the first thing that your customer will notice. They should be eye-catching, this is true, but they should be so garish as to offend the customer’s eyes. Bright colors will work great, just as long as they do not dominate the label. The font and size of the letters used in various parts of the packaging labels should also be complementary, and very easy to read.


The one thing that identifies your company, as well as being the first recognizable link between your company and its brands is the logo. The logo on custom labels should be large enough to be identified easily on the label, but not so much that it overshadows what other information may be learned from it. If you can afford to have the logo imprinted upon the labels, it will lend a sense of affluence and success that will follow your brand association in customers’ minds.

Contact Information

The third important element that should be included on any custom labels meant for packaging and shipping purposes is the contact information section. Your company’s name, address and phone numbers should be clearly printed in an easy-to-read fashion, where your customer, as well as any delivery company, can see. You should also make a similar label available inside of the package, for use with returned goods. It should probably be included with the bill of lading, or list of package contents.


The main problem with packaging labels is that they are subject to the vagaries of the elements during shipping. A way around this and one that will preserve the viability of your custom labels is to have them laminated. The shiny surface will be sufficiently water repellent and will make anything printed on such labels stand out.

Stretchable Tape

A money-saving option that can be employed when ordering custom printed packaging labels is to have them printed onto stretchable tape. This makes them easy to remove, if needed, without compromising the adhesive, and the package wrapping. This will help you avoid having to waste labels due to errors.

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