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We are #1 printing and packaging industry in Dhaka, Bangladesh. At 2006 we began our business by name IRIS and effectively kept running from December 2012. After that in 2013 we re-began our business and built up our organization name from IRIS to IRISOGRAPH. As a matter of fact we change our business name as well as we re-formed ourselves and built up our infrastructure. After that, we are completely prepared to serve your company, no meter what kind of printing service you are searching for.

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Flyer Printing

Flyer printing and distribution is one of the most effective marketing strategies that businesses have been using nowadays. Large and small enterprises alike are already getting into flyers printing for the aggressive promotions of their products and services

Gift Box Packaging

The gift box packaging is most important when we talk about any celebration. It is not possible to imagine celebrating an occasion like a marriage ceremony or a birthday party without gifts.

Packaging Labels

Packaging Labels is most important for a product. First impressions, especially in business, are extremely important. You only have that one opportunity to make your brand a memorable one in your potential customers’ minds, only one

Packaging Service

If you want a product to look good, make sure you get the packaging service right. It doesn’t always have to be colorful and eye-catching but it should always have quality.

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We Offer a Wide Range of Printing and Packaging Services

Your business is too important to rely on beginner design. Whether you're looking to promote a product or advertise a service, we can help you design a layout that will reach your audience and get your message across. So, why you waiting for, submit your order to get high quality printing and packaging service


The quality of service and the prints is amazing. I do recommend your company to all of my friends and colleagues. Thanks for the prompt orders, you rock!

Amy Woodmark

Amy Woodmark

Sales Assistant

It was nice working with you all! We have been ordering prints from your company since last year, and so far the experience is basically impeccable.

Kelly Simpson

Kelly Simpson

Senior Manager

I just wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my recent photo order. Thank you for such a wonderful job and I will be ordering from you again.

Penny Lawrence

Penny Lawrence

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Stationery Printing
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    Calendar Printing at Dhaka in Bangladesh - IrisoGraph
  • custom stationery printing services
    Custom Stationery Printing Services
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    Shopping Bags Printing and Price in BD

What we can do?

We can do all kind of printing and packaging solution with new technology mixed up.

Also, we are the best place for commercial printing, corporate printing and promosonal printing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As well as we are the number one product packaging company in Bangladesh. To get world class packaging solution, there have no other choice without IrisoGraph.

Posters & Envelops
Booklet & Books
Business Cards
Seminar Workbooks


packaging company in bangladeshIriso Graph is the best printing solution company in Bangladesh because of our modern technology printing service and high experience printing team.

printing industry in bangladeshYes, we print every page in full colors. Also, our color printing output 100% perfect.

color printing Of course, you can choose. Iriso Graph always gives priority customer demand first.

packaging company near meIriso Graph is one of the best packaging company near me.

Service Plans

Product Catalog
Up to 24 Pages Included The Cover Page

Size: 11.3″x8.3″

Color: Multiple

Paper: 300gsm Art Cart

Lamination: Only Cover Page

Binding: Standard Print Binding

Minimum Order QTY: 500pcs

Note Book
Up to 100 Pages Included The Cover Page

Size: 8.5″x5.3″

Color: Inner Page 2 Colors & Cover Page Multiple

Paper: 80gsm Offset Paper

Lamination: N/A

Binding: Standard Juice Glue Binding

Minimum Order QTY: 500pcs

Latter Head Pad
100 Page Per Book


Size: 11.3″x8.3″

Color: Multiple

Paper: 100gsm Offset

Lamination: N/A

Binding: Pad Binding on Top

Minimum Order QTY: 1000pcs

special offer

1500 full color
business cards

only $50


Our Office 37/2 Faynaz Apartment, Level 4-B (Room 2), Box Culvert Road, Purana Paltan , Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Email Address info@irisograph.com

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Printing and packaging Industry in Bangladesh:

Irisograph is the best printing and packing industry in Bangladesh. There have lots of printing companies in Bangladesh but IrisoGraph is the best for our high quality and new technology printing and packaging strategy. Also, we have more than 12 years of experience in the printing and packaging industries in Bangladesh. As well as in this meantime more than 150 companies take our service. For this reason, irisograph is the best printing and packaging company in Bangladesh.

irisograph Printing and Packaging industry in Bangladesh:

Irisograph world most #1 printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh. Also, our printing and packaging industry in Bangladesh assists business in all kinds of printing and packaging related needs and requirements. From offset printing, digital printing, branding & promo print, garments accessories printing, gift accessories print to cartons, labels and magazine books. IrisoGraph printing company in Bangladesh manages printing projects right out from the start until the end. As well as those people who are involved in the print finishing jobs look into the final touches of the product before any finalization work is done for delivery.

Printing Factory in Bangladesh?

irisograph is the biggest printing factory in Bangladesh. Our print finishing staffs involve daily duties such as trimming the pages to the correct size and shape and having it folded or stitched together with a special coating applied to the surface. Also, our printing factory in Bangladesh offers many finishing varieties and options to our clients with attractive price packages to help cut cost. For this reason, irisograph is the best printing industry in Bangladesh.

Business Printing Solutions:

Business printing solutions are a must have in your business if you want it to develop and expand. Most of our clients say that the best printing solution near me is irisograph.com because our printing service will enable your company to produce marketing materials to garner visibility of your brand. With extensive and effective marketing of your company products and services, there will be increased sales which will enable your company to grow and get better returns on investments. Also, you can earn maximum ROI to take our business printing solution services. For Example:

Some of the marketing materials you can print to grow your business are the poster, banner, festoon, car branding, car sticker pasting, brochures, and flyers. Brochures and banner have become one of the most widely marketing tools in the contemporary world. Many business ventures are using brochures and banners in promoting their products and services because they are cost-effective and efficient. As well as with our printing service, you can easily and quickly inform your customers and prospects about the developments in your business. Also, you can inform customers of special offers and discounts, changes in price, educate them about the benefits of using the products and services you offer the market and much more.

Printing Service Near Me:

If any business company ask what is the best packaging & printing service near me. Neutrally they will get the answer irisograph is the best and cost-effective printing service near me. Because with their quality brochure, banner, and other promotional printing services you will be in a position to transform many of your prospects to customers. This will lead to increased sales volume and ultimately higher return on investment. When you are scouring for a company that provides business printing solutions, you must evaluate the following factors:

What Business Needs from a Printing Company in Bangladesh:

First and foremost, you must analyze your business needs. You must determine what your specific needs are so that you can get a perfect printing company in Bangladesh that matches them. If you do not know what you want with your business then it will be pretty hard to get the right business printing company in Bangladesh for your business. Sit down and evaluate the needs of your business so that you can get a provider that will address those specific needs.

Good Reputation Printing Industry in Bangladesh:

You should employ the services of the printing industry in Bangladesh that is well reputable. You can get references from your colleagues and friends. Undertake thorough market research on the quality of services the company offers before finalizing on your choice. In the market today, there is an irisograph of business printing service providers who are offering superb and quality services at very competitive prices. Therefore, do not settle for less than a printing company in Bangladesh that will deliver quality printing work. Therefore, you should choose IrisoGraph to get your business printing solution due to their reputation and experience in the printing industry in Bangladesh.

Credentials of Printing Press in Bangladesh:

Are you searching cost-effective and best printing press in Bangladesh? Before choosing a printing press in Bangladesh, you also need to examine the credentials of the company. A company that has the appropriate credentials will be a great choice to take care of your business printing work. Our professional printing company has even the capacity to provide customized printing solutions for your company so that you can fulfill the marketing objectives and goals of the company.

Cost Effective Printing Solutions Company:

Apart from the quality and credentials, you need to analyze the cost element. Find out what different vendors are offering the market to make an informed decision. Hire the services of a printing solutions company that will give you value for your money. Check the existing market rates for the services and ensure you get a provider that will produce quality products at cost-effective prices. Previously we said that irisograph it the best and cost-effective printing company in Bangladesh, so without any doubt, you can choose IrisoGraph as a printing solutions company.

Modern Technology Digital Printing Company in Bangladesh:

Irisograph is only one digital printing company in Bangladesh who use modern technology at affordable price. Our digital printing services not only fulfill your requirement but also recover your maximum ROI. Advancement in technology has made commercial printing less costly and more quality. When you hire a digital printing company in Bangladesh that has embraced modern technology in their system you will be able to get quality business print solutions within your budgetary limits. Otherwise, you can’t return your investment. Having appropriate printing services is important for a smoother and faster growth of your business entity. It can enable your company to market its products and services effectively, seamless and stress-free. In a world that is flooded with competitors, a business must ensure that it communicates its sales message to the target market loud and clear.

Offset Printing Company in Bangladesh:

We are the first offset printing company in Bangladesh who provide offset printing service online. Our online visibility not only helps to take a decision but also save your valuable time. From now you submit your offset printing service quotation to us through online. Just a single click to submit your order.

Packaging Company in Bangladesh

Irisograph is a giant packaging company in Bangladesh. We have world class packaging designer and manufacturer of carton packaging, electronics device box, and any kinds of the box for decades. Today’s consumers are quite demanding and satiating their needs has become a tough task. While looking for methods to boost the demand of a product in the market, one should consider hiring a packaging design companies dealing in paper packaging and paperboard packaging. As we know irisograph one of the best printing and packaging company in Bangladesh, So you can hire us for your packaging service at a decent price.

Irisograph packaging design companies offer cost-effective packaging services:

IrisoGraph packaging design companies offer attractive packaging services on reasonable rates. There have lost of growing competition in the market has pushed various packaging design companies to go for sound practices to keep a hold in the market and over the regular customers. Beautifying or modifying the appearance of the products is one of the many methods that are being adopted by competitors. Attractive package design can entice the consumers and leave an everlasting impression on them. In fact, the first impression of the product may also help you in creating a unique identity of the brand in the market. The colors, designs, and graphics of the packaging play numerous vital roles in creating the image of the product:

BD packaging Company

If you looking high quality and flexible packaging service irisograph BD packaging company is here. We are famous printing and packaging ltd in Bangladesh. With an enormous scope of capacities, our Bangladesh packaging company gives full flexible packaging solution including bagging, branding, promotion, printing, and coating for best quality and modern technologies flexographic printing packaging.


Custom Packaging Company:

As a custom packaging company, we will assist you with packing your items in a stationary store and they will also be ideal for grocery delivery. Accessible many sizes and printing variations. Also, our custom packaging company use top class modern technologies which offer a wide variety of designs and alternatives to get the exact match packaging solution you require for your items.


Packaging Company Near Me:

What is the best packaging company near me in Dhaka, Bangladesh? This is the common question I hear from my clients who take our packaging service the first time. Also, most of my customer said to me that several time they search on Google by typing the best packaging company near me but they did not get any single packaging company in Bangladesh without irisograph. So, you may get the answer to the above question what is the best packaging company near me.